BLI-222 Information Sources and Services (Solved Assignment 2017-2018)

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Coverage: Course Code: BLI-222

Course: Information Sources and Services

Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.16-Jan.17

Blocks: 1 to 4 Units: 1 to 14 Total                            Marks: 70 Note:

Answer all questions.

I)       Answer the following questions in not more than 500 words each. (4X10=40 Marks)

1)         Explain the process involved in evaluating reference sources such as dictionary and encyclopeadia. (10)

2)         List the different types of information professionals. Describe the activities of any two of them in detail. (10)

3)         Discuss the different categories of user’s information needs. Give answer with the help of examples. (10)

4)         What do you understand by “marketing mix”? Explain how it can be applied to LIS services. (10)


II)        Answer the following questions in not more than 250 words each. (6X5=30 Marks

1)  Enumerate  the  various  types  of  secondary  sources  of  information.  Explain

how   periodicals can be considered both primary as well as secondary sources

of information.          (5)

2)   Explain the usefulness of government institutions as valuable sources of information.   (5)

3)  Discuss the role of reference service in a research library.       (5)

4)  Why do we need user studies in libraries? Discuss the methodology in conducting such studies.                  (5) 

5)  What is the difference between database search and literature search? Discuss the role of aggregators in information search.     (5) 

6)   Describe the different types of information use studies.      (5) 

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