Feg 01 Foundation Course in English (Solved Assignment 2017-2018)

Feg 01 Foundation Course in English (Solved Assignment 2017-2018)
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Foundation Course in English (FEG-01/BEGF-101)

Assignment Course Code: FEG-01/BEGF-101

Assignment Code: FEG-1/BEGF-101/TMA/2016-17

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all the questions


1 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

After  lunch,  without  waiting  to get  permission  from  their  parents,  the  two  boys  set  off  to explore the part of the beach which lay beyond the headland. They persuaded their young sister to stay behind, saying the long walk would be too tiring for her. Once they had passed beyond the head land, the beach stretched away endlessly in front of them. It was like discerning a new world. And what exciting things there were to do!  There were damp, dark caves to explore, in each   of   which   they   half   expected   to   come   across animals sleeping there; there were innumerable  pools  among  the  rocks,  full  of  small  fish  and  other  sea-creatures;  and,  scattered along  the  beach,  there  were  all those  strange,  yet  commonplace objects  which  are  washed  up and left by the  tide.

The afternoon passed quickly and the sun was already beginning to go down when the two boys reluctantly  decided  to  turn  back  and  make  their  way  homewards.  Long  before  they  reached headland, however, they could see that the tide  had come  in so far that they were  now cut off from the other part of the beach. They looked at each other in dismay. It was useless to go on,

since clearly there was no way of getting beyond the headland. If, on the other hand they went back the way they had just come,  the tide  would come  in long before they reached  the end of the beach. Their only chance of escape was to find a way up the cliff, which in some places was not very steep.

At least they might be able to climb high enough to be out of reach of the waves, which were coming closer all the time. In less than ten minutes they found a narrow path which seemed to lead all the way to the cliff top.  But their  troubles  were  not  yet  over.  Halfway  up,  the  path  was  blocked  by  a  large  rock, which  they  could  not  climb  over.  The  two  boys  at  once  began  shouting  at  the  top  of  their voices,  hoping  that  someone  walking  along  the  cliff  top  might  hear  them.  They  were  both surprised, however, when their father’s face appeared over the top of the rock. He told them not to move until he came back. In a short while he reappeared with two policemen, one of whom climbed  down  a  rope  which  was  lowered  over the  rock.  The  two  boys  were  then  pulled  up  to safety. At the top of the cliff they found their anxious mother and, with her, their young sister. 

She had told her parents where they had gone and thus saved them from spending a wet night on the cliff.

1a Say whether the following statements are true or false:       2

a The boys knew the part of the beach which lay beyond the headland quite well.

B The boy’s father  climbed down to rescue them.


1b Answer the following questions briefly, using your own words as far as possible.

a How did the two boys spend their time on the beach?  2

b Why did the two boys look at each other in dismay? 2

c How did their parents know where to look for the two boys. 2


1c Complete the following sentences. Your answers must be related to the ideas contained in the passage.  2

a While the two boys were exploring the beach beyond the headland, the tide...        

b “If we go back the way we’ve just come,” the two boys thought, “the tide...”  


1d Make sentences with the following words and phrases as they are used in the passage:    5

come across, innumerable, commonplace, reappeared, anxious

1e Make opposites of the following words from the passage:  5

tiring, exciting, damp, closer, narrow

2 Imagine  that  you  were  one  of  the  boys  trapped  on  the  beach.  Describe  in  not  more  than  200  words what you did from the time you were cut off by the tide until you finally reached the top of the cliff. Use your own words as far as possible.  20


3 Write a paragraph in about 200 words choosing one of the topic sentences listed below: 20

Reading for pleasure is a hobby we are losing

A visit to a foreign country is always filled with surprises

I would like to donate parts of my body after my death


4 You and your friend are talking about what an ordinary citizen can do to save the environment.

Write a dialogue discussing this. Take about 10-15 turns.        20


5 Do as directed:

5a Complete the following passage by supplying a/an or  the. 5

While I was walking along............road............other day, I happened to notice............small brown leather purse lying on ............ pavement. I picked it up and opened it to see if I could find out ............owner’s name.

5b Fill in the blanks with  the  correct preposition:      5

Then one ............the men looked ............his watch, clapped his hands and said something ............  the  others.  Immediately  they  all  went  ............their  desks  and in the  space ............ a few seconds, everyone was working busily.


5c Complete the following passage by supplying the correct linking word from those given in the

list. You can use a word more than once.  You need not use every word.       5

and      when    while

that      which   but

............Bill  entered  the  gate  of  Mrs.  Dunley’s  house,  he  was  surprised  not  to  find  her working in her garden. She usually spent most afternoons there............ the weather was fine. Bill  went  straight  round  to  the  back  of  the  house,  thinking  ............  she  might  be  in  the kitchen.  The  door  was  locked  ............the  curtains  were  drawn.  Puzzled,  he  returned  to  the front of the house ............ knocked on the door.

5d Change the following sentences into the passive voice:      5

i She invited him to her house yesterday.

ii Lincoln emancipated four million African slaves.

iii We propose to build a dam for irrigation purposes.

iv Alas! We shall hear her voice no more.

v India  won the cricket match.


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